Sunday, February 23, 2014

Event - Global Geothermal Summit: Indonesia and Philippines 2014

Global Geothermal Summit: Indonesia and Philippines 2014 will take place on Thursday March 20 to Friday March 21, 2014, in Indonesia. With in-depth research and careful investigation, the Global Geothermal Summit is ready for you to update industry information and to network with C-level executives in Bali.

Positioned in the ring of fire, both Indonesia and the Philippines are granted huge potential of geothermal. Indonesia is even estimated to own 40 percent of the world’s geothermal reserve. Challenged to increase the supply of electricity, Indonesia and the Philippines have issued policy, regulation as well as finance incentives to accelerate the exploitation of geothermal.

Who Should Attend:

♦ Governors
♦ Project Developers/IPPS
♦ License holders
♦ Financer/Bankers/private investors
♦ EPCs
♦ Drilling service and equipment providers
♦ Consulting companies

Great opportunities to meet the leading speakers from Indonesian Investment Agency (Pusat Investasi Pemerintah (PIP)), North Sulawesi Provincial Government, Department of Energy (DOE), PT. PLN Geothermal, Chevron Geothermal Indonesia, OTP Geothermal and others

For more information and to register click here.

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