Sunday, February 2, 2014

Event - Green Port South Asia

The 2nd GreenPort South Asia Conference will take place on February 26 and 27, 2014 at the The President Hotel in Mumbai, India. The conference will again focus on the sustainable development of ports and terminals but will also look at the need for the infrastructure to keep pace with the development of ports together with investment and finance options and initiatives. This conference will include environmental policy framework and legislation; infrastructure: green initiatives for development and construction; investment for port development: financing green projects as well as the practical issues of pollution control; improving efficiency and increasing profitability in ports and terminal.

India’s economy has the potential to be the fastest growing of the BRIC countries over the next half century. It is predicted that the Indian economy will overtake Italy in 2015, France in 2020, Germany in 2023 and Japan by 2032, in terms of gross size.

With the vast majority of India’s international trade moving by sea (90 percent by volume and 70 percent by value), development of the country’s ports will be critical. The global average of containerisation is 60-70 percent; India’s rate is currently only around 25 percent, therefore highlighting that the demand for new container ports and inland transport infrastructure is forecast to be particularly strong.

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