Sunday, February 2, 2014

Event - Making Waves: The Second Annual Canadian Association of Environmental Law Societies (CAELS) Conference

The Environmental Law Conference will take place on February 21 - 22, 2014 at the University of Ottawa’s new Faculty of Social Sciences building in Ottawa, Ontario. The Canadian Association of Environmental Law Societies (CAELS) is an exciting new networking project connecting environmental law students across the country.

The second annual CAELS conference will focusing on Canadian environmental law issues. The conference will bring together law students, academics, and practitioners from around the country to learn and network. This student-run conference will feature keynote addresses from Gord Miller (Environmental Commissioner of Ontario) and Maude Barlow (Council of Canadians). In addition, the conference will have multidisciplinary panels of speakers featuring graduate students, practitioners, and academics.

Environmental law requires expertise in a broad variety of disciplines, from physics and biological sciences to law and policy to social movements. Panels will reflect this diversity. This event will allow CAELS to further establish itself as a forum for students and professionals in Ontario and Canada who are interested in the development and study of environmental law.

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