Sunday, February 2, 2014

Event - Ontario Forestry Association's 65th annual conference

The Ontario Forestry Association's 65th annual conference will take place on Friday Feb 21, 2014, from 8:00am - 4:00pm at the Nottawasaga Inn, Alliston, Ontario. This conference will explore forest communities in Ontario - the communities of forests, animals and people, and how they are adapting to change and thriving.

The conference will explore the landowner and forest practitioner communities in this province, and how an enhanced and reinvigorated sense of community will help increase resilience needed to make the most of future challenges and opportunities. It being the 65th anniversary of this event and the OFA, we will also take a look at intergenerational issues and sustaining the resource for the next generation. Session topics will also include taxation, business planning and accounting for woodlots and gaining access to local wood markets.

People are invited to network with other landowners and forestry professionals from across Ontario and hear about their experiences managing their forest property, including financial ownership, management planning, and accessing local wood markets.

Registration includes access to all sessions, lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Note: Become an OFA member prior to registration, and receive the discounted conference price. Registration is limited, so register early to avoid disappointment! (Prices include tax)

Cost: $100 Non-OFA Members; $75 OFA Members; $30 Students

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