Sunday, February 2, 2014

Event - Surface Water Flood Forum

The Forum will take place on February, 11, 2014 in Birmingham, UK. This event is for water companies, local authorities, internal drainage boards, contractors, big land owners and regulatory bodies to address the technical, financial, and operational challenges that surface water flooding presents.

This one-day forum will address
  • How to move away from siloed thinking towards more collaborative partnerships with shared systems, services and resources
  • How to plan for and mitigate against being flooded at property level
  • A governance approach to engaging with stakeholders and the wider community
  • Lessons learnt from other countries that have successfully moved towards infrastructure which has multiple uses
  • Examples of integrated catchment management
  • The latest modelling and mapping techniques  

Expert speakers include:
  • Paul Cobbing, Chief Executive, National Flood Forum
  • Mary Dhonau OBE,Chair, The Flood Protection Association and Chief Executive, Know Your Flood Risk Campaign
  • Jonathan Glerum, Flood Risk Manager, Anglian Water
  • Rob Cunningham, Head of Water Policy, RSPB
  • Kieran Downey, Flood Risk Management Manager, Scottish Water  

Continued Professional Development

This conference has been certified for CPD purposes and all attendees are eligible to receive a certificate of their attendance.

Click here for pricing information and to register.

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