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UK Valentines Day Cards Against Fossil Fuels

In the UK, Valentines Day 2014 is being marked by a national day of action. Valentines Day events are part of People and Planet's Go Green Week which is taking place from February 10-16, 2014. Students and staff from colleges and universities all across the UK are taking part.

On Valentines Day, Friday February 14th there is a national day of action in the UK that includes Fossil Free rallies across the country. These Valentines Day events also include cards for University Vice Chancellors (VCs) and politicians.

During Go Green Week, students in the UK are shining a spotlight on educational institution’s links to the fossil fuel industry. They engaged in a number of events including mass rallies and colourful, creative stunts on campuses. The Valentines Day message calls on universities to go Fossil Free.

Cards for Vice Chancellors

Throughout the week students have been collecting special valentine’s messages for Vice Chancellors (VCs) at universities across the UK. They are being delivered on Valentines Day. The Valentines Day message being sent to VCs is "It’s not me, it’s you!." The goal is to encourage VCs to "break up with the fossil fuel industry and show some love for our future."

They explain that a sustainable future on this planet isn’t compatible with continuing to burn fossil fuels. They lament the fact that the fossil fuel industry’s business plan seeks to extract 5 times more petrochemicals than we can afford if we are to avoid a climate crisis.

They specifically seek to encourage UK universities to divest from fossil fuels. They point out that in the UK universities still invest over £5bn annually in these climate-wrecking companies.

Click here to see an image of Oxford students delivering a giant Valentines card petition to their Vice Chancellor (VC).

Cards for Politicians 

On Valentines Day Go Green week is also sending a message to politicians, "It’s me, or the fossil fuels."

The ask the rhetorical question, "How can we expect political parties to face up to the reality of climate change whilst accepting funding from those who profit from destroying the climate?"

They point out that one third of current UK government ministers have links to dirty money from coal, oil and gas companies and from those bankrolling the industry. They go on to say that, "Politicians need to know that we are not prepared to let dirty fossil fuel donations delay effective action on climate change. So, it’s time that we demand our elected representatives break up with the fossil fuel industry."

Click here to send a Valentine’s Card to your MP telling them to refuse donations from the fossil fuel industry. 

Click here for a list of events that are taking place across the country. 

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