Sunday, March 23, 2014

Event - The Energy Thought Summit (ETS)

The Energy Thought Summit (ETS) will take place on March 24-25, 2014, in Austin, Texas. This event will bring the world’s thought leaders together for two days to debate the state and future of energy — expect smart dialogue, and an engaging setting on- and offline.

Speakers include Steve Wozniak, Jon Wellinghoff, Dr. George Arnold, Doyle Beneby, Badar Khan, John Hewa, Mark Rose, S. Massoud Amin. D.S.C., Andres Carvallo, Nisha Desai, Larry Weis, Scott Heneberry, Raiford Smith, Bill Meehan, Christian Okonsky, Cheryl Mele, Dr Amit Narayan, Larsh Johnson, Ed Davalos, Brian Huey, Robert Langford, Brett Luedde, Gary Rackliffe, Karl Popham, Martin Travers, Brewster MacCracken, John Slanina, Lisa Caswell, Jacob Harb, David Peterson, Steven Colier, Craig Wilkins, David Dollihite, John King, Stan McClelland, Rajit Gadh, PhD, Audrey Lee, Michael Raiford, Colin Pope, David Ducharme, Clark Jernigan, Paul Molitar and many others.

Leading up to ETS, Zpryme has been periodically releasing an outspoken and distinguished thought leader to the public, covering energy topics such as smart grid, electric vehicles, renewables, disruptive technologies, big data, cybersecurity, smart cities, social media, cloud computing, and workforce.

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