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Event- Progressive Energy, Environment & Sustainability Summit #19

This event will take place on May 28th – 30th at Westin Lombard Yorktown Center - Lombard, (Chicago) IL. The Progressive Energy, Environment and Sustainability Summits engages owners, managers and operators of commercial, industrial, and retail facilities across North America. They work with FMA to learn how to better achieve and surpass their strategic goals of energy efficiency, usage, cost & environmental footprint reduction within their facilities. FMA Summits provide the platform for sharing best practices; through rich dialogue, thought leader presentations and establishing relationships between decision-makers with needs and industry leading solution providers.


Energy Management

Software/Web based Trending & Tracking Improved enterprise energy management to reduce annual energy costs, emissions and increase performance efficiency. Asset Consumption Monitoring ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard Energy Procurement: Audits, Strategies, Usage and Reporting Commissioning & Re-Commissioning

Waste Management

Electronic Recycling (e-recycling) Path to Zero-Landfill Facilities Re-appropriation of Waste Streams & Rebates Waste to Energy Options Waste Commodities Waste Water Remediation

Facility Management

Improving Energy Performance via Building Operations Proper Bench-marking and Energy Audits Building Management Systems Regulatory Compliance and EH&S GHG Emission Regulations & Reporting Waste Water Remediation & Water Recycling

Building Envelope Solutions

Efficient Materials & Maintenance Reduction Prolonging Roof-Top Life Spans High-Performance Enclosures Automatic Fault Detection & Diagnostiocs Sustainable Building Construction: Products & Maintenance

Prolonging Roof Life

Benefits of the ‘Cool Roof’/ ‘Green Roof’ Efficient Materials and Maintenance Reduction Prolonging Roof-Top Life Spans Addressing the Roof-Top: Federal Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

HVAC: Sustainable Innovations & Applications

Energy Efficient HVAC installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance Efficient & Environmental Ventilation Retrofitting Existing Installations vs. New Installation Thermal Energy Storage Innovation Alternative Cooling/De-Humidification/Heating Technologies Energy Efficient HVAC system design

Efficient Lighting Solutions

Modern Sensors: Existing Daylight & Real-Time Occupancy to Reduce Energy Consumption Combining Solar & Advanced Fuel Cell Technology to Reduce Lighting Cost and Waste Necessary Retro-Fitting to meet Lighting Compliance in a Post-Incandescence World

The Smart Grid

Demand Response Programs and Energy Conservation Strategies to lower Energy Costs Proper Monitoring and Management of Grid Supplied Electricity Two-Way Communication via the Digital Smart Meter Are Smart Meters the Key? Distribution Grid Sensors and Online Control Systems Renewable Energy


Saroja Raj, Energy Program Manager Presentation Outline to be Published Shortly

Elisabeth Comere, Director Environment & Governmental Affairs

The climate goal is part of Tetra Pak’s strategic priority Drive Environmental Excellence. n our approach, we are not only looking at Tetra Pak and our own operations, we are looking at the combined emissions of everything we buy from our suppliers, what we produce ourselves, and how our products are used by our customers and finally how the used cartons are taken care of after consumption. We will share in this session best practices and key actions on how to cap all the impact our company has on the climate from raw materials to end-of-life of our products as well as the collaborations and partnerships set in our supply chain to meet this goal.

Jedd Winkler, Energy Program Manager

In 2008 Aurora Health Care, a healthcare provider in Wisconsin initiated an energy management program for their hospital portfolio to reduce operational costs. This presentation reviews how healthcare providers can internally implement an effective energy program in a changing financial environment with limited capital resources. Building blocks will be shown including gaining management support, policy development, tracking tools, structure, best practice sharing. Case studies at select sites that attained $7MUSD savings will be presented.

Elizabeth Dutrow, Director, Industrial Sector Partnerships

EPA’s ENERGY STAR program helps companies develop and refine strategic energy management across their operations. This presentation will discuss ENERGY STAR resources and how they can be leveraged to improve an organization, as over 1,500 companies have already done.

Thomas Mort, Global Energy Director

As a global powerhouse in the agribusiness industry, ADM is known for bringing the “harvest to the home.” These days, ADM is also bringing home a harvest of energy savings, leveraging utility and federal incentive programs. With 265 processing plants and over 400 sourcing facilities around the world, ADM has a voracious appetite for energy.

Al Hildreth, Energy Manager

This presentation will discuss methods for implementing waste reduction programs to impact all aspects of the business. Different techniques and enablers will be discussed to allow Green projects to be deployed quickly and efficiently. The other objective is to discuss ways to push projects out from just being an “environmental” activity done by a few, to being part of every employee’s job responsibility. This presentation will use GM project examples and will leave the attendees with tools and ideas to influence green initiatives at their workplace and in their community.

Jamie Myers, Manager Sustainability

As a leader in the retail industry, Walgreens has a responsibility to its customers, employees, and shareholders to grow sustainably. The company has recently embarked on a comprehensive sustainability strategy which seeks to maximize the “Triple Bottom Line”. This presentation will discuss how Walgreens created its sustainability strategy and will share some of the lessons learned.

Thomas Day, Chief Sustainability Officer

An overview of USPS efforts to reduce the environmental impacts resulting from its operations. To reduce energy consumption, petroleum fuel consumption, water consumption, hazardous waste, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Also provide an update to the Green Roof projects at the Morgan Processing Center in Manhattan and the Colvin-Elmwood Post Office in Syracuse NY.

Paul Campbell, Director of Facilities

“Doing MORE with LESS: The Sears Holding Company’s Energy Management Story- Innovative Successes in a continuously decreasing Capital Investment Model”

Leonard Sarapas, Corporate Director, Environment, Health & Safety Metrics, systems and applications are now commonplace in most sustainable environmental programs. In the current global economy, making effective use of tools has become more important in advancing environmental objectives, sustaining the environmental function, and remaining competitive. This session will discuss ways to approach and use three common tools, ISO 14001 EMS, the US GBC LEED program, and business integration, with focus on portions of the tools which deliver higher value and produce measurable results.

Following the extremely successful 18th Summit at the Westin La Cantera in San Antonio, TX in December, John Brody, National Sales Manager at AERCO International said;“[It was] very effective at building relationships with the high level decision makers at major customers.”

FMA is honored to welcome back esteemed partners Solutions Dynamics who attended FMA’s first ever Summit and have since partnered for an additional 9 events; Kaeser Compressors has participated in 11 consecutive Summits who along with Advanced Power Technologies, Covanta 4Recovery and USLED will be returning for all 2014 Summits. All three companies have partnered with FMA for 7 or more consecutive Summits each.

FMA is very excited to have presenters coming from companies such as: Archer Daniels Midland, Sears and Tetra Pak Inc., Aurora Healthcare, General Motors, ExxonMobil and many more…who will all be presenting on various emerging technologies, innovations and success stories on their road-maps to energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental footprint reduction.

To date 110 VP’s and Directors of Facilities, Energy Management, Operations, etc. have been confirmed, from a range of companies including ArcellorMittal, Alcoa, AT&T , Bostik, Cargill, Eastman Chemical, Holcim, Hunter-Douglas, Kimberly-Clark, Leggett & Platt, Pepsico, Sherwin-Williams, Swagelok, Toshiba, Valspar and Walgreens, to name a few.

About FMA: FMA Summits facilitates relationships between managers and operators of commercial and industrial facilities across North America and companies that provide solutions for energy efficiency, as well as, cost and usage reduction within their facilities. For our Partners, our services offer an effective strategy for increasing sales.

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