Monday, April 28, 2014

Arbor Day: A Time to Acknowledge the Vital Importance of Trees

As a celebration of trees Arbor Day is an important event, particularly in the context of ongoing forest degradation. The loss of forests are even more alarming in light of our growing awareness of the importance of trees to planetary health. Trees provide oxygen for us to breathe and they sequester carbon thereby combating climate change. We are also coming to a better understanding of the ways in which trees regulate our climate and combat drought.

Arbor Day was founded by J. Sterling Morton in 1872. As secretary of agriculture in Grover Cleveland’s second administration, Morton was a stalwart tree advocate for trees, as he explained “Other holidays repose upon the past; Arbor Day proposes for the future.”

In the US, National Arbor Day is commonly celebrated on the last Friday in April, but many states observe Arbor Day on different dates according to their best tree-planting times. To find out when Arbor Day takes place in each state click here.

In Canada, Arbor Day is known as Maple Leaf Day. It falls on the last Wednesday in September during National Forest Week. However, some provinces celebrate their own Arbor Day. For example in Ontario they celebrate Arbor Week from the last Friday in April to the first Sunday in May. In Nova Scotia Arbor Day is celebrated on the Thursday during National Forest Week, which is the first full week in May.

To find out when Arbor Day falls in different countries around the world click here.

Whenever Arbor Day is celebrated where you are take a moment to understand and appreciate the fundamental importance of trees and forests to life on Earth.

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