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Event - Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Conference & Expo (CSP Today USA)

This year marks the 8th Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Conference & Expo. It will take place on June 5 - 6, 2014, at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South 89119 Las Vegas, Nevada United States.

This event affords a unique opportunity to define your future strategy and network with financiers, developers, EPCs and those at the cutting edge of technological development.

CSP Today USA is the annual business hub for the U.S. concentrated solar power industry. The entire CSP value chain all meet here to discuss market and technological trends which can drive profits up. This is why CSP Today USA is the most well respected and most viable commercial option for your business:


•Converse with the Export-Import Bank of the United States, Union Bank and the International Trade Administration who can let you know how to propel your product into emerging markets
•Assess information from major developers about their next moves in the global CSP markets so you can forge a fruitful international partnership
•Absorb information from IBM and Pricewaterhouse Coopers who are sharing their expertise on the potential perks and pitfalls of operating abroad - hear about the incentives but also the challenges of operating in unknown environments
•Observe those who have been part of the recent phenomenal success in the U.S. talk about their projects which the rest of the world is looking to act as a blueprint for utility scale solar worldwide. With the U.S. now positioned at the heart of the global CSP system analyse how this success can be replicated the world over Don’t miss your chance to be part of the next boom for U.S. renewables

Networking Opportunities

At CSP Today USA 2014 you will be mixing with high quality decision makers and people whose actions really matter to the future of CSP. You will be receiving cutting edge market insight from significant energy market movers and domestic and international financiers.

•20+ hours of networking with top level executives from across the entire CSP value chain with extended networking coffee breaks and extended lunch.
•Dedicated networking zone so you can arrange and host private meetings outside the conference room, and take your time to have key conversations that will help you achieve your CSP business plan objectives
•Kick start your networking with 1 months access to the CSP Today online networking centre: Fill your conference diary before you set foot in Las Vegas and you will come back to the office with the knowledge and contacts to move your business forwards in 2014

Additional Benefits

•Exclusive site visit to the newly operational 392MW Ivanpah plant
•A first ever CSP focused utility panel
•Global trade experts telling you where the opportunities for growth are
•Senior regulators addressing financial and environmental issues Get the definitive answer on future CSP prospects by attending CSP Today USA 2014
•25+ exhibition booths - Top class exhibition admits only the finest companies in industry to make sure our delegates are only seeing the most innovative and credible technologies

This event will address

• Legislation - Clarify CSP’s future in the South-west through dialogue with utilities and regulators to plan your US strategy
• US success stories unravelled - Analyze the performance of the latest super plants and build a US blueprint for international success
• Cost - Battle the high cost of CSP through effective supply chain management and cutting-edge research to gain maximum ROI
• International markets - Navigate the maze of operating challenges in the lucrative MENA and South African markets to take your place in the next wave of international CSP projects
• Land and environmental issues - Understand the complexities of U.S. land permitting and environmental laws with a comprehensive guide from key officials to avoid costly mistakes
• Energy storage boom - Capitalize on the dispatchable value of CSP and what it means for your business through extended dialogue between regulators, utilities and the storage community

The U.S. has unqiue expertize in the construction of utility scale concentrated solar and the production of customized CSP components. In order for this expertize to translate into increased profitability CSP Today USA 2014 will follow a three step process to show you how you can secure domestic projects and gain access into the lucrative emerging markets:

1.Analyze this experience – you will be hearing from the developers, constructors, operators and utilities involved in the utility scale solar projects so you can scrutinize what has been done well, which complications were overcome and what unique skills have been gained.

2.Securing business at home – with strong storage mandates now set out make sure you understand how this has impacted major utilities procurement processes so you have the best chance of securing your business new projects.

3.Use U.S. success as a springboard to sell the American model into new markets - huge state driven programs in South Africa and the Middle East are set to roll out new CSP projects, make sure it is your business which is forging lucrative partnerships to successfully move into these markets.


Douglas Schultz, Director of Loan Guarantee Origination, U.S. Department of Energy David Hochschild, Commissioner, California Energy Commission Donald Howerton, Director – Renewable Transactions, Pacific Gas & Electric Craig O’Connor, Director Renewable Investment, Export-Import Bank of the United States Adam O’Malley, Director Office of Energy and Environmental Industries, International Trade Administration -Department of Commerce Kevin Smith, CEO, SolarReserve John Sterling, Director of Utility Programs and Planning, Solar Electric Power Association James Avery, Senior Vice President, San Diego Gas &Electric Barbara Doble, Manager Renewable Energy Procurement, NV Energy Brad Albert, General Manager Strategic Planning, Arizona Public Services Mitch Samuelian, Plant Manager Ivanpah, NRG Energy.

Plus more than 400  senior industry executives - This is the only CSP focused event in the U.S. offering focused B2B discussion with 20+ hours of networking time and VIP meeting rooms for where you can seal the deal

Secure your company’s future with expert knowledge on how to finance and operate in new markets CSP Today USA 2014 is offering participants the chance to use the event as a springboard to propel themselves into the unlimited potential of emerging markets by sharing a dialogue with experts in international finance and exporting renewable energy technologies

If you are seeking to position your company as a market leader at the forefront of future development both in and outside the US then this is a must attend event. It is also ideal for anyone looking to mix with regulators, utilities and developers and looking to devise a strong strategy to secure business at home and drive exports abroad.

If you want to get involved in CSP Today USA 2014 or have any questions or further details you would like about the event contact  Marco Geraghty Research & Project Manager +44 (0) 207 3757206

For more information or to register click here.

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