Sunday, April 13, 2014

Event - Impact Capitalism Summit

The Impact Capitalism Summit will take place on April 29 - 30, 2014, at the Union League Club of Chicago. At this event you will learn how to deploy capital to make a positive impact while still maximizing returns. This summit presented by the Watershed Capital Group.

Conference Overview

The Summit is an excellent forum to develop relationships, to gain insight into successful strategies across industry segments and to learn from leaders who are mainstreaming impact investing. A new model of value creation is emerging deploying capital in strategies that leverage the inherent link between natural, social and financial capital.

Over 300 family offices, asset managers, and fund managers representing over $150 Billion in investable assets will explore the current state and trends of this dynamic sector.

The Impact Capitalism Summit will feature a variety of industry leaders with panel discussions on specific asset classes including private equity, public equity, private debt, public debt and direct deals. Presenters, LP's, and strategic partners will also be able to schedule targeted, one-on-one breakout sessions. The conference provides a rich environment for learning and business development opportunities.

Conference Format

Executives from fund managers across asset classes will showcase their businesses to an audience of more than 300 prospective financial, institutional and strategic investors.

Fund Presentations: Public and private fund managers will present overviews of their respective businesses regarding impact and return, followed by sector-specific panel sessions.

Panel Discussions: There will be a topical, in-depth panel discussing the current state of specific asset classes including private equity, public equity, private debt, public debt and direct deals. Panel members will include family office principals, wealth advisors, and fund managers.

One-on-One Meetings: Upon request from prospective investors/partners, Watershed Capital can arrange targeted, one-on-one meetings with presenters during the conference.

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