Sunday, April 20, 2014

Event - Waste Management and recycling Summit 2014

Waste Management and recycling Summit 2014 will take place on April 23 - 24, 2014 at the Novotel Riyadh Al Anoud, Al Anoud Tower No.1, 9033, King Fahd Road, Olaya, Saudi Arabia.

This event will forward and highlight the future opportunities in this sector, Capture the most effective and latest technologies Focused on investments and ROI in Waste Management and bring in the industry Experts & Solution Providers from across the globe to share their expertise to make this initiative a bench mark in WM sector.

“Saudi Arabia is pursuing investments and reforms which will redefine its position as one of the world’s most competitive economies by 2020” –

Saudi Arabia’s generates more than 15 million tons of Solid Waste per year with a population of around 29 million, giving an indication of enormity of the problems faced by Civic authorities.

Saudi’s recycling rate ranges from 10-15%, mainly due to the presence of the informal sector which extracts paper, metals and plastics from municipal waste and the waste treatment market is currently poised at 12% only, hence there is a huge market potential of 88% remaining.

Hence, “Nispana Innovative Platforms Pvt Ltd” present “Waste Management & Recycling Summit – 2014” to bring forward and highlight the future opportunities, capture the most effective and latest technologies which increases ROI in Waste Management Sector and bring in the Industry experts, solution providers from across the globe to share their expertise and make this a successful event in The Waste Management Sector!

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