Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Social Activism Crowdsourcing Platform

Social activism can change the world and a new concept is being launched shortly that will help give people more power and influence over their governments. This new social activism is called Amplifyd, it is a crowdsourced lobbying platform where people can support causes in their community and in return get a personal representative that will call and lobby their elected officials on their behalf.

Each campaign is managed by non-profits fighting for important causes, giving these organizations an additional way to mobilize their communities and generate active and passive incomes.

Anyone can sign up to become a crowdsourced caller, getting paid to lobby elected officials for others.* According to Scott Blankenship the founder & CEO of Amplifyd, this is especially great for college students, post-grads, activists, hourly or part-time employees needing an additional source of income and avid travelers, since people can make calls through our platform from anywhere.

Blankenship believes that Amplifyd will change the political status quo in the US. Stay tuned to The Green Market Oracle for more information and the formal launch details.

Click here to signup at the Amplifyd website.

*The Green Market Oracle has not vetted the legitimacy of the site nor the service it purports to offer.

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