Friday, April 11, 2014

Report - Sustainability and the Finance Sector's Views on Opportunities in Extractives

Ethical Corporation has recently published a complimentary analysis on ‘How sustainability affects the way the finance sector views opportunities in extractives’. This report analyzes the financial pressures that oil, gas and mining companies face from three key perspectives: the commercial and multilateral lenders, with J.P. Morgan and the IFC, and the investor perspective with asset manager F&C.

The report gives a great insight into the evolving expectations and priorities of different financial stakeholders to the extractive industry and how this will affect extractive companies’ social performance and communication practices.

With increasing demand from vital financial communities being one of the leading drivers for making the sustainability case, this report gives you an excellent insight to the main concerns, social expectations and risk management innovations of key financial stakeholders to the oil, gas and mining industries

The featured analysis gives you an understanding of:

•Why are investors and lenders looking at ESG? •What aspects of ESG is the financial community mostly concerned about? •How does the extractive company respond to these different stakeholder expectations in their communication and wider business practices? •What areas of sustainability matter to investors and lenders? Furthermore, I will not rent, sell, or share your personal information with 3rd parties or non-affiliated companies.

Click here to access the complimentary analysis.

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