Saturday, April 5, 2014

Video - Fox News Climate Deniers Laugh-Off the Seriousness of Climate Change

This video clip features the pontifications of a climate denying duo from Fox News, the American headquarters of scientific obfuscation. Both the anchor and his guest laugh at the United Nation's discussions about global warming. They ignore the conclusions in the IPCC's latest report that suggest we are racing towards a catastrophe and choose instead to deride the United Nations inaction on Russia's invasion of Ukraine. (even though both the general assembly and the security council have already addressed the issue). In Claudia Rosett's words the reason the United Nations is focused on global warming is because: "UN does very well under the climate train gravy train." The fact remains that of the 13,950 peer reviewed scientific papers on climate change only 24 question the veracity of anthropogenic global warming.

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