Saturday, April 19, 2014

Video - How Religion can Energize Ecological Renewal

The key issue preventing us from tackling the environmental problems we face is public inertia not a lack of science or technology. We have invested a great deal of effort into the important work of developing solutions to a wide range of environmental problems, but we have failed to energize people to act. After decades of solid peer reviewed research we must concede that science is incapable of fostering the passion needed for widespread ecological renewal.

The body of scientific evidence is strong and there are a vast number of technological solutions. However, if we are to seriously engage the climate crisis and other environmental issues we must find ways to get people interested and involved.

As explained in this video, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Senior Research Scholar at Yale University, suggests that religion can help us to to generate popular passion for ecology. As she explains the most renewable source of energy is "the dynamizing human energies" that fuel the movement of ecological renewal.

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