Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Authoritative Report Chronicles US Climate Change

The most comprehensive US climate report to date indicates that the changing climate is a national problem that is already adversely impacting key sectors of the economy.

On May 6th, 2014, the Obama Administration released the Third US National Climate Assessment. The 841-page report documents more frequent and intense extreme weather events, (heat, downpours, floods, droughts), wildfires, melting ice, rising sea levels, ocean acidification and water scarcity. These impacts are already happening and they are expected to get far worse if we continue with business as usual.

This three-year public and peer reviewed research was conducted by a team of over 300 climate scientists and experts along with input from over 13 federal science agencies. The data was drawn from a wide range of sources including satellites, weather balloons and buoys. The report is a key part of the President's Climate Action Plan.

While the science is clear and irrefutable, the American people are divided. Led by misinformation campaigns from the fossil fuel industry and their Republican minions, huge swaths of Americans continue to doubt the veracity of anthropogenic climate change.

Republicans and other climate deniers called the report another “scare tactic” by the administration. They continue to argue against the science or for the primacy of the economy over action to mitigate climate change. They completely ignore the fact that the economy will be utterly ravaged by runaway climate change.

The report along with the issue of climate change itself is sure to be a prominent campaign issue in the 2014 midterms.

To read the report click here.

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