Thursday, May 29, 2014

Solar Innovation in Energy Generation and Transportation

As far as solar power is concerned innovation is far more than just a buzzword. There are a vast number of innovations that are driving solar growth and contributing to the industry's bright future.

One novel approach involves using the sun's energy to manufacture solar panels.

Perhaps the most revolutionary applications involve solar powered transportation. Sun powered vehicles can significantly reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

The number of solar innovations run the gamut from pragmatic to fantastic. Some fascinating solar powered concepts not only reduce our footprint but help to clean up the environment. One example is the solar sponge which can harvest and sequester carbon from the air.

Here is a list of solar innovations in energy generation and transportation:

Energy Generation

Solar sidewalks
Solar roadways
Space based solar arrays
Solar windows(employing Quantum dot technology)
Colorful solar glass
Solar paint
Printing solar cells on paper
Solar shingles
Hot nano-tubes (which help solar panels to capture more sunlight)
Solar panels made from weeds
Small solar lighting
Solar sphere sun tracking technology 


The Hyperloop: Solar Powered Rapid Transportation
Off the grid solar powered cars (eg Luminos and Stella)
Solar Powered Yacht
Solar Powered Plane
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