Saturday, May 3, 2014

Video - Climate Denying Republican Senate Hopefuls in North Carolina

Allow me introduce Thom Tillis, Greg Brannon, Mark Harris and Heather Grant four climate deniers seeking the Republican nomination for the US Senate. When asked if  "climate change is a fact," this slate of GOP Senate hopefuls for North Carolina are unanimous in their dismissal. Some, even find the question amusing. This group of Luddites would themselves be laughable if the implications of their ignorance and/or subterfuge were not so dangerous for future generations.

It is a crying shame that in 2014, four people who want to lead America can laugh at the veracity of climate change. If they are as woefully misinformed as it would appear, their flagrant ignorance should preclude them from being able to run for public office. If these responses are intended to win support from powerful benefactors their obfuscation is criminal.

A mountain of solid peer reviewed science should at the very least give them reason to reflect on the facts rather than reflexively play politics with the most important global issue of our times.

When these types of aspiring political leaders it is little wonder that the American people are so divided on the issue of climate change.

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