Sunday, May 25, 2014

Video - Watch Climate Scientist Escape After he Falls Into a Himalayan Crevasse

Dr John All was conducting research on climate change when he fell into a crevasse on the 23,379 foot Mount Himlung in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal. After a 70 foot fall, he crawled for six hours with a broken arm and ribs to extricate himself from certain death. After scaling the wall and getting out of the crevasse he had to crawl for another three hours to reach his tent where he was rescued the following morning.

Dr All is a geography lecturer from West Kentucky University who specializes in mountain science. He was collecting snow samples close to Mount Everest when he fell into a deep crevasse which had been hidden by recent heavy snow.

Dr All's ordeal underscores the dangers of his job and the fact that he is planning another mountain trip to Peru next month highlights his dedication.

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