Friday, June 20, 2014

Amplifyd: A Unique Crowdsourced Lobbying Platform

The Amplifyd crowdsourced lobbying platform was launched on June 10th. It supports several campaigns including those focused on environmental themes. Amplifyd is a social activism startup based in Berkeley, California that allows people to influence public policy. Their platform is the world's first technology-driven lobbying solution.

Amplfyd works by giving supporters the opportunity to purchase lobbying calls to elected officials while financially supporting the nonprofit at the same time. People can also generate income by becoming a caller.

While corporations spend more than $3 billion a year to influence politicians once they are elected, people have no voice. Amplifyd claims that signing online petitions is not an effective tool to influence your elected officials because these petitions are not restricted to those that matter to politicians (ie their voting constituency). Amplifyd solves this problem by verifying your identity through your billing address, so your representative knows that you are in fact a voting constituent.

As a crowdsourced social activism platform, people can purchase calls from campaigns listed on the site. Campaign organizers can add their own contact for their campaigns or simply choose from federal and state databases.

For every call made, the organization managing the campaign will make a base rate of $1.00. This means they could generate passive income for simply creating and managing the campaign. If the call was made by the campaigner or someone from their team, they will make an additional $2.00, resulting in a total earning potential of $3 dollars per call for the campaigner. Independent callers will earn from $1 per call with the chance to double their rate by inviting people to join the platform - 10 cents increase per person invited.

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