Monday, June 16, 2014

Course - Wind Power Finance School

Wind Power Finance School from Green Power Academy will take place on June 30 to July 4, 2014 in Johannesburg, South Africa.  This intensive and demanding week long course provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of wind farm financing, including modelling, structuring, risk mitigation and value analysis.

Course Description

For those coming new to the sector or feeling they only understand a limited part of the financial aspects of wind, this is the course to attend! Covering all aspects of wind finance – from project economics, sources of finance to financial structures to risk mitigation and how this impacts project value.

The course provides a vital and informative opportunity to focus in on what matters (and what doesn’t) in the business of making money from wind power.

And throughout the course, there is focus on practical examples and quantitative analysis. This is to enhance the intense learning experience and ensure it is of practical value to attendees. So bring a laptop, an inquiring mind and a willingness to get involved!

Key Course Learning
  • In a single week, gain a comprehensive overview of all aspects of wind power finance, from planning through to detailed modelling and analysis
  • Introduction to the key financial terminology and principles, suitable for newcomers or non-experts in finance and specifically focused with relevance to wind power projects
  • The opportunity to undertake detailed, practical, hands-on financial modelling, specific to the wind power business and suited to a range of expertise
  • Identify the key cashflow, return and risk variables in wind projects, including the models and metrics required to measure them
  • Understand how to develop an accurate and attractive business model for wind power projects, from conception through the phases of construction to operation
  • Quantifying and allocating risk in wind power projects
  • Discuss and question all aspects of the wind planning business in an informal, friendly environment, led by our independent, expert trainer
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