Sunday, June 1, 2014

Event - Grid Support and Ancillary Services (Wind Power)

This Wind Power event will take place on June 4, 2014 in Hamburg, Germany. This forum will provide a timely briefing on the economic and technical feasibility of offering frequency response, voltage control and other solutions that support the integration of wind power into the grid.

This forum will walk delegates through:

  • Dong Wind's views on the viability of offering ancillary services in its areas of operation in Europe 
  • Bord Gais's experiences of providing ancillary services to SONI and Eirgrid and a view of where regulations are heading Grid operators' requirements from wind developers - with TenneT TSO 
  • How will grid compliance and ancillary services shape the future of turbine and substation design and their control? 
  • Enercon and REservicES share their insights 
  • New findings from the USA: NREL's analysis of how wind providing active power control can improve the frequency response performance of the system 
  • The latest pilot projects and research about which ancillary services wind farms can offer, technical risks and the economics involved 
  • The different grid balancing/ancillary services wind farms can offer to Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and/or Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) 
  • The technologies and estimated costs involved in offering capabilities such as frequency response, reactive power and voltage control, including: - power electronics - substation infrastructure - turbine design - automation and control systems  

Key Speakers

Gareth Parker, Grid Connection Engineer, DONG Wind
Dr. Alejandro Gesino, Market Design Renewable Energy, TenneT
Jill Murray, Manager, Regulatory Affairs
Bord Gais Eckard Quitmann, Head of Grid Integration, ENERCON,
Poul Ejnar Sørensen, Professor, DTU Wind Energy
Frans Van Hulle, XP Wind,Technical Coordinator, REserviceS
Hannele Holttinen, Chair, IEA Wind Task 25, Principal Scientist, VTT
Dr. Vahan Gevorgian, Senior Engineer, NREL (USA)

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