Sunday, June 22, 2014

Event - PV America Solar Industry Conference and Exhibition

PV America is the Solar Industry’s Conference and Exhibition. It will take place on June 23 - 25, 2014 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

This event is all about PV solar solutions with a regional focus. PV America brings together manufacturers and service providers with professionals interested in the technologies, innovations, research, and policy that is driving the PV industry today and into the future. This annual event offers a focused Expo, quality networking, professional development, and timely educational content and training.

At PV America you can:

•Connect with thousands of PV industry peers and nearly 100 exhibiting companies.
•Showcase and launch your latest solutions for the PV market.
•Discover the policy, technology, business, and scientific trends that are impacting the region.
•Gain insights, build skills, and identify innovative solutions to be more competitive.
•Interact with policymakers who support solar energy technology. PV America is produced by SEIA and SEPA.

Unlike other solar conferences, all proceeds from PV America support the expansion of the U.S. PV solar energy market through both associations’ year-round research and education activities, and through SEIA’s advocacy, research and communications efforts.

PV America Fast Facts:

•Nearly to 3,000 professionals from PV-related fields
•Nearly 100 exhibiting companies •30+ conference sessions Who Attends:
•Installers and contractors
•Engineering firms
•Utilities •Government representatives and policymakers •Investors and financiers •Architects, builders and developers
•And more On the Exhibit Floor: •Energy Service Providers
•Building-Integrated PV •Concentrating PV
•Consumer PV
•Consumer PV Products
•PV Cells
•PV Materials
•PV Modules
•PV Distributors
•PV Installers – Finance
•Professional and Business Services

PV America is the only event in the eastern United States designed specifically for PV-focused solar professionals. PVA ’14 event will focus on issues facing the Northeast region as the show heads to Boston.

To register click here.

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