Thursday, June 5, 2014

List of 20 Green Crowdfunding Platforms and Resources

Here is a summary of sites that support crowdfunding for green technologies, renewable energy and social entrepreneurship. This list enables entrepreneurs, non-profits, and their supporters to solicit funds through social media that do environmental or social good.

The first fourteen crowdfunding sites (and one chart) on this list are drawn from Green VC and the last fives crowdfunding sites are derived from from a Tech Republic article.

  • 33needs – A crowdfunding organization that connects micro-investors with social entrepreneurs who have ideas in categories such as sustainable food, health, education, and the environment.
  • Ashoka Invest in Innovation - Funding platform to support Ashoka's network of social entrepreneurs.
  • Causes - Provides an online fundraising platform (including leveraging Facebook) for nonprofits and other causes.
  • CauseVox – Enables nonprofits and other causes to create online fundraising campaigns.
  • Cutting Edge Capital - Firm offers Direct Public Offering (a method of investment crowdfunding).
  • FirstGiving - Enables non-profit supporters to create their own fundraising page to raise money for the cause of their choice.
  • (beta) – a micro-funding organization that helps nonprofits and individuals to set up a campaign to raise money for causes.
  • Green Unite - A crowdfunding platform for sustainable products and clean technology.
  • Greenfunder – A crowd funding platform for green, sustainable, and related projects.
  • Green Fundraising - Crowdfunding for sustainability and healthy living projects, from Green VC.
  • Razoo – A crowdfunding platform for non-profits and charities that allows individuals, organizations, corporations, and foundations to set up a fundraising page to raise money for their own cause or their other cause of choice. 
  • Return on Change - Investment-based crowdfunding platform.
  • Start Some Good – Connects social entrepreneurs with crowd funded venture capital..
  • Crowdfunding for social good 
  • A chart from Cutting Edge Capital (PDF) provides a helpful overview.

  • Abundance Generation is a UK-based crowdfunding platform that connects individuals and communities with crowdfunding campaigns. The company has quite a few wind power projects as well, and has seen increased momentum in renewable energy funding in the area since its launch in 2012.
  • Divvy is a platform for crowdfunding renewable energy, with a specific focus on solar systems. It offers a model of payback and return on investments.
  • Mosaic, a web platform that allows investors to fund various solar power projects.
  • SunFunder focuses on solar energy partnerships around the world. Through its platform, the company allows businesses to provide affordable energy solutions to underserved communities in developing nations in particular. Sun Funder has a minimum $10 investment and offers a return on the principal investment. Solar businesses can apply to fund projects in emerging economies and have had targeted loan agreements ranging from $50,000 to $500,000.
  • Village Power, this platform, allows community organizations to finance and manage solar power projects through investments from individuals in the local community. There is no minimum investment amount, but SEC rules regulate how many investors can participate in crowdfunded projects like these.

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