Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Managing Materiality, Risk and Stakeholder Engagement in Sustainability Reporting

For those engaged in sustainability reporting materiality is an impediment. This free eight page mini-report from the Ethical Corporation can help to manage materiality, risk and stakeholder engagement.

This report offers insights from pioneers in reporting and it specifically addresses how they developed a matrix that works for their business. This short read provides key insights from sustainability leaders on their approach to the materiality challenge and how you can translate it for use in your organization.  

The report reviews:
  • The impacts your stakeholder trust 
  • How to bounce-back when quantifying reputational risks to your business 
  • What a focused and sophisticated engagement means for your external and internal stakeholders to build lasting relationships and inform the decision-making of the business 
  • A condensed G4 guide
Click here download the report.

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