Thursday, July 3, 2014

Canadian Conservatives Undermine Democracy and Environmental Protections

Canada, once a laudable example of an open democracy is rapidly deteriorating under Harper's Conservatives. There is a long list of anti-democratic actions taken by Canada's ruling Conservatives.  One of those is Bill C-38 which weakened federal environmental laws and made it far more difficult for the public and scientists to weigh in on new projects.

Out of 95 countries surveyed by the Centre for Law and Democracy, Canada ranked 56th, which is one place ahead of Rwanda and behind Colombia, Mongolia and Russia.

When it comes to access to information laws, Canada is behind every country in the world, with the exception of Tajikistan, Australia, Iceland, China and Greece. When it comes to how often information is withheld Canada is the 16th-worst in the world, which is only slightly better than Israel, Pakistan, Portugal and Guyana.

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