Sunday, July 13, 2014

Event - CR Reporting and Communications Summit 2014

The 8th annual CR Reporting and Communications Summit 2014 will take place on November 13 - 14, 2014 in London. This Summit is This is Europe's only reporting and communications meeting place for sustainability professionals. Europe's leading meeting place to find out where sustainability leaders and innovators are headed around their CR reporting and comms strategy. The event will cover 4 themes, 9 industries, 20+ speakers. More than 150 senior decision makers will be present and there will be many industries to network with  (including leading reporters and comms specialists from telecoms & media, banking, chemicals & manufacturing, oil & gas, retail, consumer goods, energy, ICT, real estate & construction so you can get more value out of cross-sector networking).

With over 18 hours of reporting and stakeholder engagement best practice. This event will help you get more value out of your CR Report, motivate your workforce, drive business profits, relate to stakeholders and create positive change.

Overview of Main Offerings
  • Make sustainability come to life: drive customer loyalty and employee engagement through making your sustainability strategy relevant
  • G4 vs IR frameworks: share the results of what you and your peers are doing and re-examine your focus on materiality
  • Tailor and target your stakeholders messaging to get your report read by the right audiences
  • Use your report to demonstrate the economic, social and environmental value of sustainability
  • Innovation and best practice - bring new ideas to the table to revamp your reporting strategy
  • Use your report for internal buy-in: embed sustainability into the day-to-day lives at all levels of your organisation
Expert Speaker Line-up for 2014
  • David Picton, Chief Sustainability Officer, Carillion
  • Michel Bande, Corporate Sustainability Officer, Solvay
  • Bastian Buck, Director Reporting Standard, GRI
  • Joshua Hardie, Group CR Director, Tesco
  • Andy Brown, Head of Sustainability, Anglian Water
  • Sarah Grey, Markets Director, The IIRC
Learning Opportunties
  • Learn what best practice is and what to avoid
  • Learn how to build the business case with BT's Director of Energy and Carbon to win your CFO's buy-in for your future reporting strategy
  • Learn about GRI and IIRC about G4 materiality and practical moves to integrated reporting to get ahead of the game
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