Sunday, July 13, 2014

Event - The Regenerative Economy: Aligning Business and Nature

This event will take place on Tuesday, July 22 at Impact Hub NYC, (394 Broadway) from 7 pm to 9 pm.

A regenerative economy is one which aligns the activities of business with the requirements of nature.

Biomimicry is a science which studies nature’s sustainability and regenerative design strategies and applies 3.8 billion years of design wisdom to solve global challenges. Seeing nature as our mentor, rather than a warehouse of goods, biomimicry asks “what can we learn from nature?” vs “what can we take?”. We welcome anyone to join and grow with our budding network.

Network with a global community of socially and environmentally professionals taking action to drive positive social and environmental change. and meet two pioneering female authors, Amy Larkin and Katherine Collins as they discuss their recently published books on economic metrics and business standards aligned with the laws and principles of nature.


Inspired by the innovative and community-based ways of the honey bee, Katherine Collins will discuss her book, “The Nature of Investing: Resilient Investment Strategies through Biomimicry”. Drawing from over 20 years in finance and careful biomimicry study, Katherine will describe how we can re-align with the natural world, and look to nature as a guide for investing in an integrated, regenerative way that is beneficial to our communities and the planet.


An award-winning entrepreneur and environmental activist, Amy Larkin will speak about her recent book, “Environmental Debt: the Hidden Costs of a Changing Global Economy”. Amy makes the direct connections between our global environmental and financial crises and identifies the (often hidden) levers for transformational change. Amy writes for the Guardian Sustainable Business Hub and is the new Vice Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on climate change.

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