Monday, July 7, 2014

Growing Opposition to Shipping Oil by Rail

The tragedy of the Lac Megantic disaster and the spike of oil train derailments across North America last year are fueling growing concern. People are increasingly asking questions about the dangers of moving fossil fuels by rail. The number of trains ferrying oil that travel through or near major population centers suggest that this concern is justified. (To see a map of oil train routes in the US and Canada click here).

With the memory of the horrific events that ravaged the town of Lac Megantic one year ago, non-violent protests are being staged across the North American as part of the "Worldwide Oil Train Week of Action." These actions are intended to amplify the voices of the growing number of people that oppose oil trains.

Organizers have launched an initiative to secure information about oil train movements and they are encouraging people to monitor rail activity. They are also calling for the eradication of the DOT 111 and DOT 111a rail cars.

Led by a burgeoning international oil train activist movement, popular opinion is increasingly coalescing around those who oppose the transportation of fossil fuels by rail.

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