Thursday, July 17, 2014

Most Innovative Companies of 2013

Here are some of the world's most innovative companies of 2013 according to Tomorrow's Value Rating and Lux Research. Innovation is key to a companies health and well being and this is particularly true of sustainability efforts. In today's economy sustainability has emerged as a leading driver of innovation.

Innovation in Sustainability (Tomorrow’s Value Rating) 

According to Tomorrow’s Value Rating 2013 (TVR), which recognizes companies that increasingly demonstrate “clarity of vision and innovation in their pursuit of a sustainable business model,” Unilever, KT and Nestlé are the top 3 companies. They are followed by Sprint, Vodafone, Iberdrola, E.ON, BMW, Ford and Deutsche Telekom rounded out the top 10.

Innovating Companies (Lux Research)

As revealed by Lux Research the top innovating companies are Enerkem, organic electronics firm Cambrios Technologies and biopesticides producer Vestaron are the top three innovating companies with the most promising growth areas. Other firms near the top of the Lux Research list include: energy and infrastructure companies SolarCity, Corvus Energy and Ice Energy; materials companies Hanita Coatings, Meta Downhole and Myriant; and health company Aerogen.

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