Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Online Tools to Follow US Energy Legislation

PowerSuite from Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) has created a set of tools that allows you to search, track, and collaborate on energy legislation and regulatory proceedings from across the country with one, easy-to-use interface. This online tool tracks energy energy legislation and regulatory proceedings across all 50 states.

Among the tools in PowerSuite are Billboard and DocketDash. Users can search a database of dockets and legislation from states across the country. They can then track and collaborate on legislation using Billboard or utility commission documents using DocketDash. Notifications can be set up to alert users when there are changes in bills or dockets, and summaries, notes and other information can be shared with colleagues. Additional tools developed for PowerSuite in the future will share its common interface and functionality, AEE said.

For more information or a free demonstration click here.

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