Monday, July 14, 2014

Transformative Impact Practices in Sustainability

As explained by Jeana Wirtenberg in her new book titled, Building a Culture for Sustainability,  businesses are increasingly looking to sustainability to deliver a return on their investments and as a way of driving innovation. As explained by Wirtenberg, "the choice is deep change or slow death."

After spending two years embedded in nine major companies, Wirtenberg has identified three major emerging trends that can re-shape standard business practices. She calls these trends transformative impact practices in sustainability, or TIPS. As explained by Wirtenberg, these trends "form a powerful core for changing business culture and mindsets in ways that make sustainability and social responsibility indelible."


Sustainability and corporate responsibility are best served through working with customers and other external stakeholders to determine what to do and how to do it. The goal is to enhance the customers' own sustainability goals by having both the seller and buyer co-create a green strategy. This applies to both planning and product development.


In this approach to sustainability employees at the mid level and on the front lines become an integral part of the innovation process. This method benefits from being visible to others, which lends itself to a multiplier effect.


An increasingly powerful approach to sustainability involves a longer term vision that responds to shareholder concerns. Future proofing, not only addresses the concerns of today but positions a company to thrive tomorrow. This entails planning for a whole new world of customers, employees, environments, and constraints.

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