Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Businesses are Increasingly Engaging Sustainability

Driven by bottom line concerns, businesses all around the world are adopting sustainability. This includes lean manufacturing practices, cutting down on raw materials, decreased energy usage, waste reduction and recycling.

Sustainability is buoyed by growing interest in responsible business practices from governments, investors and consumers. Businesses are also concerned about mitigating risk.

The trend towards sustainable business is evident in almost every sector of the economy. Manufacturers are increasingly adopting more environmentally sustainable methods that reduce costs and contribute to the bottom line. Supply chains are getting greener to meet increasingly stringent procurement demands. In fact, sustainable supply chains have become an imperative for a whole host of good reasons.

Some of the easiest energy reducing efforts involve implementing low energy lighting solutions like LEDs. This can be taken one step further with on-site renewable energy generation. Things like using waste heat from manufacturing processes can also provide significant heating cost reductions. Eliminating or significantly reducing waste can also yield significant savings.

These types of practices not only benefit the bottom line they enhance competitiveness. They further add value for investors and other stakeholders who are increasingly concerned about environmental risks.

The business case for sustainability has been made repeatedly and in 2014 that case continues to get stronger. Sustainability is a megatrend and the logic of adopting sustainability is overwhelming.

There are real benefits to going green. In an effort to reduce costs and be more globally competitive, businesses around the world are heeding the call and engaging sustainability in unprecedented numbers.

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