Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Course - Electrics for Solar PV and Renewable Systems

This course on Electrics for Solar PV and renewable systems will address safety, instruments and controls. This intensive two-day course offers an exam for the Galileo Master Certificate. It is intended for professionals and individuals with a strong interest in the electrical equipment side of renewable systems, safety instruments and controls.

It will take place on the 24th - 25th September 2014, at Edinburgh Napier University. It is also available online with live tutorial.

Become a Solar Energy Expert Consultant - Participants in this course can also take Solar Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Management and Finance courses to achieve the new Solar Energy Consultant Expert Certificate.

Course Content

Electrical Fundamentals
Electrical Safety
Battery Backup
Earthing and Bonding
Cable Termination Skills
Fault Isolation
Safe Isolation Methods
Supply System Overview
Electrical Regulations Overview
Practical hands-on experience showing the use of test equipment to enhance installation and troubleshooting technique on renewable energy systems.

The practical sessions will include exercises in: 

· aligning solar panels
· true power measurement
· use of dummy loads
· inverter testing
· checking meter calibration
· insulation testing

Note: participants will be connecting solar panels/renewable equipment, supervised, in a safe environment.

Course Objectives
  • Understand components and arrangements found in renewable systems.
  • Recognise the types of instrumentation used in the operation of renewable systems, including sizing, interfacing and using battery backup systems.
  • Identify the advantages and limitations of inverter types and technologies.
  • Understand the types of electrical dangers and the need for safety.
  • Recognise the need for reliable and safe terminations, earthing and bonding regulations.
  • Understand the concept of safe isolation and fault isolation techniques and equipment.

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