Thursday, August 21, 2014

Course - Microgrid Executive MBA Training

This course will take place from November 3rd - December 12th, 2014. The instructor is Mahesh Bhave, Ph.D. This course helps students become knowledgeable participants in the evolution of microgrids. The intricacies of microgrid development and finance represents the future topology of the grid. What are their economics, how do they interact with each other and with the macro grid?

Microgrids represent an opportunity for new entrants, a threat for incumbent utilities, and a credible solution for emerging economies quest for 100% electrification. Navigant projects the market to grow from $8.3B worldwide in 2013 to more than $40B by 2020.

Registration is limited and only 30 discounted seats are available.

This course focuses on strategy and new business development related to microgrids. Business models, markets, segments, value-added services, competitive advantage, entry ease and barriers…are discussed. Participants will design a community micro grid, with financial analysis, leading to an investment proposal.

Product managers, investors, technology analysts, engineers working in advanced energy sectors, strategists, market researchers, and financial modelers will benefit from the course.

Microgrid expert Dr. Mahesh Bhave is working with Renewable Energy World and HeatSpring to offer this new online course for professionals responsible for making business development and strategic investment decisions.

The Microgrid Executive MBA is a comprehensive, data-driven business course that will teach students to evaluate the project economics of microgrid projects in a variety of markets using case studies, financial models, and templates. The course is self-paced over six weeks with unlimited opportunities to learn from classmates and Dr. Bhave. Students will have access to all course videos, tools, and templates for a full year after the official course end date.

Click here to see the course outline or to register for the Microgrid Executive MBA

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If you look through the job descriptions of almost all senior positions across industries, you can see that MBA is the preferred degree, though perhaps not mandatory.

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