Monday, August 18, 2014

Finland's New Legislation will Reduce Emissions by 80%

Finland has joined a number of other governments in adopting progressive climate legislation. Finland's new climate change act, will reduce emissions a total of 80 percent by 2050. Finland's Environment Minister Ville Niinistö said it will position the nation, "as a pioneer of low-carbon society."

The country's climate policy addresses regulatory uncertainty and provides a clear road forward for the business community. In addition to providing a predictable climate policy for business, it will also provide an impetus for low carbon research efforts.

The passage of Finland's Climate Change Act on June 6, 2014,  is not the nation's first kick at the climate can. In 2005 the country was the first to create a National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy. The document outlines adaptation measures for 15 sectors of the country's economy.

As Niinistö explains, there really is no alternative to ambitious carbon reduction. "If we don’t do smart green growth there isn’t going to be any economic growth on the planet."

To see the climate change act click here (PDF).

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