Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Online Certificates - Sustainability Management (University of Colorado Boulder)

The University of Colorado-Boulder is now offering online Non-Credit Certificates in Sustainability Management. This certificate is ideal for those wishing to increase their knowledge of sustainability and make tangible change in an organization. The content specializes in business or community sustainability management—or both.

This distance learning certificate provides interactive and practical programs lead by industry experts can help you learn how to develop sustainability initiatives, encourage stakeholder buy-in, and inspire employees and co-workers to act.

Program Features:

Open to all without prerequisites
Accelerated learning enables can be completed in less than 1 year
Affordable Tuition (far less expensive than a full degree)
Entirely online and accessible from anywhere there is Internet access

The courses explore topics like:

Sustainability frameworks and principles
Leadership for innovation
Policy development
Adaptive vs. transformative change
Integrative metrics
Sustainability strategic plans
Carbon and GHG accounting
Making the business case
Policy and regulation

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