Saturday, August 16, 2014

Video - Rep. Scott Peters Calls out Republican Climate Deniers and States it is Time to Act on Climate Change

Rep. Scott Peters speaks to the science of climate change, call out his Republican colleagues for their inaction, and calls for action. He reviews the fact that climate change is real and humans are the cause. He talks about why businesses are moving to address it and like the business community we cannot wait to act. Unless we start planning now we will incur massive costs from rising seas, warmer ocean temperatures, and extreme weather. He sites the Risky Business report and states that failing to prepare is "outrageous." Such preparations are simply smart business practice which is why he has introduced bipartisan legislation on resiliency preparedness, save money on future losses. In addition to supporting the Clean Power Plan he is also trying to move forward with legislation that will reduce emissions from things like methane and black carbon. He concludes by decrying Congressional Republicans who deny science and climate change and states emphatically that it is "time to act.

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