Monday, August 18, 2014

Video - Sustainability Consulting Projects Course

This Webinar introduces the Sustainability Consulting Projects Course. The course imparts skills and knowledge for planning sustainability projects and developing solutions for organizations including:

• businesses
• non-profits
• cities and municipalities
• universities, colleges and other institutions

In this program, Individually or as part of a small team, you will work with a client to develop and deliver a customized, actionable plan with the goals of reducing operating costs, minimizing the environmental footprint and improving environmental sustainability of an organization.

In collaboration with the client, opportunities are identified and initiatives developed for both short term and long term action. Deliverables include: a Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) and a presentation to the client stakeholders; e.g., the leadership team and staff. And it is all under the guidance of Will O'Brien, an accomplished business executive, change agent, entrepreneur, consultant, teacher and attorney. Will has over 40 years experience in business start-ups, service management, professional services, marketing, project management, web operations and in managing large global teams in the sustainability area.

Instructor, Will O'Brien has delivered this program on-line for Clark and Harvard University

Areas of focus can include: energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction,

Learn innovative education approaches to integrate Sustainability Consulting into graduate level curricula for business, environmental science or environmental engineering programs.

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