Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Canada's Provincial and Territorial Governments Draft Principles for a Clean Energy Strategy

Canada's provincial and territorial governments have come together and agreed on an energy strategy grounded in clean energy and climate action. At the conclusion of the Council of the Federation meeting in Prince Edward Island on Friday August 29th they released an updated set of principles intended to guide their work on a Canadian energy strategy.

This agreement cites a number of climate friendly initiatives including carbon pricing. The measures were agreed upon by all the provincial and territorial governments including the newly-elected majority governments in Quebec and Ontario.

The principles will serve as the foundation of a strategy that emphasizes cutting carbon pollution and growing Canada’s clean-energy economy.

The climate-friendly energy efforts of provincial and territorial governments are in stark contrast to the ruling federal Conservatives who have been unrelenting supporters of expanded fossil fuel extraction including the tar sands one of the dirtiest forms of energy on earth.

Under Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Conservatives have amassed a lamentable rap sheet of climate crimes. They have abandoned Kyoto, reneged on the nation's carbon emission reduction pledges, shut down public debates on fossil fuel projects, and prevented scientists from reporting their climate findings. 

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