Friday, September 12, 2014

Climate Science Bill of Rights and a Fact Based Education

In the US a battle is brewing between those who want to teach children the science behind climate change and those who want to teach kids politically motivated revisionism that caters to the agenda of the fossil fuel industry.

The National Research Council is collaboratively working with federal agencies, the National Governors Association, teachers and education experts to develop a new set of science education standards. This science based approach will apply to contentious topics like evolution and climate change.

This is the first time that climate change is being addressed in science education standards. However, some political and religious groups want to censor the teaching of climate science. They disapprove of teaching children a fact based approach to the most pressing issues of our age.

To help counter the efforts of deniers those who seek to provide a truly science based education are coming together in support what is known as the Climate Science Students Bill of Rights.

Climate Science Students Bill of Rights – All students, in every state, have the right to:
  • Receive the highest quality science education as determined by educators, free from ideological or political interference.
  • Explore the causes and consequences of climate change.
  • Learn that meaningful solutions to slowing climate change exist.
  • Examine the data and evidence that leads to the established scientific consensus on climate change in a learning environment that encourages inquiry, questioning and understanding.
  • Understand how climate science informs social, political, and personal decision-making.
This common sense approach is being challenged by conservative organizations like the Heartland Institute.

The Climate Science Bill of Rights is sponsored by Climate Parents, the Union of Concerned Scientists, the National Center for Science Education and the Alliance for Climate Education.

“It’s unacceptable for students to be denied information about this crisis,” says Climate Parents member John Friedrich. “Young people need to be given the tools to develop solutions” to help solve the the problem of climate change.” 

Kids have the right to a non-politicized science education. Censoring the facts is perilous both for our children and for future generations.

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