Thursday, September 4, 2014

Denmark's Climate Change Bill

In June Denmark passed a climate change bill that will reduce emissions a total of 40 percent by 2020. The bill had widespread support from its coalition government. This is but the latest measure in a country that is a global wind energy leader. The country is also an international climate leader for its efforts to free itself from fossil fuels in its energy sector by 2050.

The country has a science based approach to managing climate change while at the same time focusing on the nation's economic well being. It is setting up a climate change council that will ensure the nation meets its goals both from a scientific and economic perspective.

This legislation legally binds Denmark to meet its greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. It also give confidence to the business community which fears uncertainty and seeks to understand the regulatory environment in which they must operate.

Such broad legislation will have repercussions across various sectors. It will impact energy policy, industrial policy, economic policy, agricultural policy, land policy and forestry policy.

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