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Event - CanGEA (Geothermal) Direct Use Trade Mission

Direct Use Trade Mission will take place on October 2 - 4, 2014, in Klamath Falls, Oregon, US. CanGEA has received Foreign Affairs Canada Global Opportunities for Associations (GOA) funding to bring Canadian small-medium enterprises on a market exploration mission to the various world-renowned geothermal direct use sites in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

The trade mission will be an opportunity to learn from direct use geothermal experts; acquire market intelligence; discover potential partners, buyers and sellers; and bring internationally acclaimed practices back to Canada. The trade mission is planned around the time of the GRC Annual Meeting and GEA Trade Show in Portland, Oregon from September 28-October 1, 2014.

The Global Opportunities for Associations subsidy provides matching funds to Canadian small-medium enterprises for up to 50% of costs for transportation, including airfare, as well as up to a $200 per diem to assist with accommodation and meals. For those of you who are also considering attending the GRC Conference and GEA Trade Show, our GOA funding also applies to registration and travel costs.

Trade Mission Itinerary:

Wednesday, October 1:

B2B Networking Session

•5:00 - 7:00 PM at the Doubletree Hotel in Portland, The evening will be split into three distinct segments: •The Chair of CanGEA, Alison Thompson will deliver an overview of Canada's diverse geothermal power and direct use opportunities

•A series of short presentations will highlight individual project opportunities, presented by their respective company representatives •Another series of short presentations will highlight Canadian technologies and expertise presented by the industries leading firms
•There will be appetizers and an optional cash bar

Thursday, October 2:

A travel day.

Begin at Portland Convention Center

•Meet at Holladay Lobby on level 2, please arrive at 7:15 AM to check-in and get continental breakfast
•Depart 8:00 AM

Salt Creek Falls

•Geology talk •Lunch

Crater Lake National Park

•Geology talk

Arrive at Shilo Inn, Klamath Falls

•Arrive at 5:15 PM

Trade mission business forum 6:00-8:00 PM (dinner available)
Presenters: Dr. John Lund, Ms. Tonya (Toni) Boyd, B.Sc.

•Welcome & introduction (CanGEA)
•Presentation: Development of direct use projects
•Review of direct use guidebook, technical papers, Geo-Heat Center articles, etc.
•Overview of the greenhouse and aquaculture information packets
•Case studies and overview of the direct use sites that will be visited on Friday

Friday, October 3:

Begin at Hotel

•Depart at 8:00 AM. Drive to Klamath Hills (Liskey Ranch and Gone Fishing)

Klamath Hills

•Arrive at 8:45 AM
•Gone Fishing: Visit greenhouse, aquaculture sites. 2 hours

•Liskey Operation: Organic vegetables, Bio diesel, Spider Mites (latter 2 no longer operational)
•Leave at 10:45 AM

IFA Greenhouses

•Arrive at 11:00 AM

•Greenhouse operation. 1 hour
•Leave at 12:00 PM

Klamath Basin Brewery

•Arrive at 12:15 PM

•Lunch, tour of the heating system and brewery. 2 hours
•Leave at 2:15 PM

Klamath Falls District Heating

•Arrive at 2:20 PM

•Central Plant for the district heating system. 1 Hour
•Leave at 3:20 PM

Oregon Institute of Technology Campus

•Arrive 3:40 PM

•Visit combined heat and power plant, heating systems, snowmelt. 1.5 hours
•Leave at 5:10 PM

Return to Hotel

•Arrive at 5:15 PM

•Completes the tour for the day.

Trade mission business forum 6:00-8:00 PM (dinner available)
Facilitators: Alison Thompson, Dr. John Lund, Ms. Tonya (Toni) Boyd B.Sc.
•Overview of the sites visited
•Panel discussion #1
• Betty Riley, Southern Oregon Economic Development
• Larry Holzgang, Oregon Business Development Department

•Panel discussion #2
• Ron Barnes, Gone Fishing
• Liskey Ranch (invited)
• IFA Greenhouses (invited)
• Klamath Basin Brewery (invited)
• Dr. John Lund, Toni Boyd, Oregon Institute of Technology

•Closing remarks (CanGEA)

Saturday, October 4:

A travel day.

Begin at hotel

•Depart at 7:00 AM. Drive to Newberry Monument, Visitor Center, Paulina Lake. 2.5 hours

Newberry Monument, Visitor Center, Paulina Lake

•Visitor Center, Obsidian Flow, Hot Springs
•Newberry Monument, Lava Lands

Crooked River Gorge

•Geology talk

Concluding Reception at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Portland

•Arrive at 7:15 PM
•Enjoy complimentary drinks at the Hotel reception as we wind down from the trip
•There will also be complimentary cooked to order breakfast in the morning and complimentary rides to the airport

To find out more or to register click here.

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