Sunday, September 28, 2014

Event - Synbiobeta

This event will take place on November 13 - 15, 2014, in San Francisco California.

Synbiobeta will engage a conversation on sector-specific progress ranging from research-enabling tools to low-cost DNA synthesis, scale-up of industrial biotech platforms to the growing importance of the organism industry.

Who Should Attend?

Startups: Meet the investors ready to fund your team.
Industry: Network with industry leaders and potential partners.
Investors: Meet the new startups on the scene.
Partners & Tech Scouts: Learn about the latest technology in the field.
Academics, Students & Biohackers: Follow the path to commercializing your IP.


J. Craig Venter

Spencer Adler SynBio Investors

Omri Amirav-Drory Genome Compiler

Jamie Bacher Pareto Biotechnologies

Justin Bingham SGI-DNA

Mark Bünger Lux Research

Blake Byers Google Ventures

Rob Carlson Biodesic

Brandon Chen Genomatica

Elizabeth Clarke Industrial Microbes

Adam Clore Integrated DNA Technologies

Denver Dale On-Point Capital

Stephen del Cardayre

Douglas Densmore Lattice Automation

Jeffrey Dietrich Lygos

Tim Fell Synthace

Michael Fero TeselaGen

Ian Fotheringham Ingenza

Itschak Friedman LionBird

Edward Green Green Biologics Ltd

Eli Groban Intrexon

Claes Gustafsson DNA2.0

Rachel E. Haurwitz Caribou Biosciences

Keira Havens Revolution Bioengineering

Austen Heinz Cambrian Genomics

Alfred Ho Morph Bioinformatics

Max Hodak Transcriptic

Jeffrey Hung GenScript

Elizabeth Iorns Science Exchange

Jason Kakoyiannis Bioscentric

Kef Kasdin Proterro

Michael Koepke LanzaTech

Mike Koeris Sample6

Devin Leake Gen9

Scott Nolan Founders Fund

Matt Ocko Data Collective

Jonny Ohlson Touchlight Genetics

Christian Olsen Biomatters

Megan Palmer Synberc

Una Ryan Bay Area BioEconomy Initiative

Zach Serber Zymergen

Reshma Shetty Ginkgo BioWorks

Steve Somers Vigon International

Sajith Wickramasekara Benchling

Dan Widmaier Refactored Materials

Michael Yates Algenuity

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