Tuesday, September 30, 2014

George Washington University Sustainability Minor

No matter what their major may be, students at George Washington University can still study sustainability. The University's 18-credit Minor in Sustainability is open to all undergraduate students.

This program allows students to explore the challenges of sustainability and to think about how to develop solutions to pressing issues at the local, regional, and global scale. It introduces students to the concepts, principles, and issues that inform the sustainability paradigm and also integrates classroom and community-based learning and research in a program that prepares students to apply the sustainability perspective to their future endeavors.

This unique pan-university Sustainability Minor includes several innovative features such as a groundbreaking team-taught introductory course (SUST 1001 Introduction to Sustainability), with faculty from several schools participating, and an experiential learning component that will serve as a culminating experience for junior or senior students.

For more information about the Sustainability Minor, please download this information guide.

Please direct questions and inquiries to Dr. Lisa Benton-Short Academic Director for Sustainability at this email address: lbenton@gwu.edu

Make sure to see the article titled, "Comprehensive Green School Information and Resources." It contains links to over 200 articles covering everything you need to know about sustainable academics, student's eco-initiatives, green school buildings, and college rankings as well as a wide range of related information and resources.

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