Saturday, September 27, 2014

Video - Review of the People's Climate March

Last Sunday, September 21, the streets of New York City were filled with 400,000 people all demanding climate action from world leaders. This march was the largest climate event in human history. The unprecedented number of people sent a clear message. We want action on climate change. As leaders came together for the UN Climate Summit on September 23, they could not ignore the scope and scale of this protest in New York and all around the globe.

There was movement at the Summit and it can be expected that we will see more at UN gatherings will be in Lima in December 2014. However, the real test will come in December 2015 when world leaders are expected to sign a global climate agreement.

The science is clear and the people have spoken at more than 2646 rallies in 162 countries. World leaders must choose between a responsible clean energy future or continue on our perilous course that will lead to catastrophe.

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