Sunday, October 12, 2014

Event - CEO & Business Leaders Summit: Creating Future Cities

The Summit will take place on November 20th, 2014 at the Sky Venue, Sydney Tower, Sydney, Australia. The CEO & Business Leaders Summit - Creating Future Cities event welcomes CEOs, business leaders and experts interested in the business opportunities of creating better future cities.

The Summit is organized by Green World City Organization and Focus Capital. Their global mission is to create smarter future cities that are more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

The organizers Advisory Board is a global alliance of CEOs, senior executives and experts involved in creating sustainable projects worldwide.

The Summit is a gathering of a global alliance of CEOs, senior executives and experts involved in creating advanced and sustainable projects worldwide. They have shared their vision and knowledge in building a better future with hundreds of major political and business decision makers, including many world leaders.

  • Sein-Way Tan Founder & CEO Green World City Future Cities Think Tank
  • Chris Johnson CEO Urban Taskforce
  • Ho Tong Yen CEO Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City (SSTEC) Li Haojie Chairman TianRong Investment Limited (China)
  • Karuna Gopal President Foundation for Futuristic Cities (India)
  • Jason Yat-Sen Li Chairman Yatsen Group
  • Waheed Qaiser President Maxim Corp Finance LLP (UK)
  • Sergei Millian CEO Millian Group (Russia) Mark Minevich Principal Founder Going Global Ventures (US & EU)
  • Rachel Argaman CEO TFE Hotels (Toga Far East Hotels)
  • Walter Kaminski Chairman Boldre Capital (Indonesia)
  • Matthew Tukaki Co-Founder Sustain Group and EntreHub 
  • Tapani Talo Principal NY Super Studio Architects (US)
  • Simon White CEO WhiteCorp International / Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce
  • Leone Lorrimer Chief Executive Officer dwp|suters Russ Martin CEO Global Product Stewardship Council
  • Olivier Burot Secretaire Général Union des Constructeurs Immobiliers (France)
  • Richard Webb Founder & Chairman Red Ocean Africa Zanella, Former Head Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Focal point Australia
  • Anson Chan Chairman & CEO Bonds Group of Companies (Hong Kong)
  • Vinod Sekhar President and Group CEO The Petra Group (Malaysia)
  • Steve Marskell Managing Director MgO Corp
  • Rafael Ben President and CEO WPP ENERGY CORP (US) 
  • Cassandra Kelly Joint-CEO Pottinger
  • Suren Pather Chairman SUMO SIV Managed Fund 
  • Nigel Blair Founder Envest Group / Eco City /
  • E Agri David Baggs CEO Global GreenTag
  • Bob Sharon Founder & CEO Green Global Solutions CEO &

Why attend

1. Find out how the world is going to change and the business opportunities in the coming years,
2. Establish alliances with international leaders from various industries,
3. Launchpad for Mega Projects, Initiatives and Technologies of global significance,
4. Platform for companies to meet Institutional and High-net-worth investors.

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