Sunday, October 5, 2014

Event - Generate 2014: A Clean Energy BC Conference

This event will take place on October 15 - 17, 2014 in Vancouver, B.C.  The 12th annual Generate conference is brought to you by Clean Energy BC. The theme of this year’s event is "Generate, More than Electrons."

Two panel discussions will address the following subjects:

1. Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development: What Clean Energy Can Do for Communities (Amrit Dhatt, Colleen Giroux Schmidt).

2. More than a Market (Warren Brazier, Resja Campfens) The BC electricity market is stagnant and there are numerous obstacles standing in the way of further development of the clean energy industry. Despite this, there is considerable potential for growth in our sector if we can overcome existing barriers and develop new market opportunities. The panelists will explore how can this be accomplished.

A total of 7 plenaries will deal with the following:

1. Beyond BC - How BC Clean Energy Innovations & Entrepreneurs Are Branching Beyond BC & Conquering the Globe (Sam Mottram, Brian Yates)

2. The Global Energy Shift: What British Columbia Can Learn From Asia, Europe, the United States, and Beyond (Merran Smith, Lucas De Haro)

3. Project Showcase: Pecha Kucha (Andrea Pomeroy) The Project Showcase will highlight the hottest Clean Energy projects happening in BC this year.

4. Interview with BC Hydro CEO, Jessica McDonald (Paul Kariya) Jessica McDonald held a number of posts under various administrations in the British Columbia government beginning in 1991.

5. Innovation/New Technology Showcase – Pecha Kucha Style (Keith Ainsley, Peter Leighton) This fast paced session will convey a broad spectrum of the latest innovations and new technologies emerging in the clean energy sector.

6. Why Work Together? (Colleen Giroux Schmidt, Paul Kariya, Frankie Nash) An intimate interview with a developer and a First Nation on the challenges and benefits of working together as partners.

7.  The Future of Clean Energy (Denise Mullen, Paul Kariya) According he International Energy Agency (IEA) over $2,000B in investment is required each year or about $48 trilling to meet rising energy needs around the world by 2035. What portion of this might renewables occupy? What is needed to ensure we get there? What impact will our energy choices have on our living conditions and the planet?​

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