Thursday, October 9, 2014

LED Lighting in Schools Reduce Energy Demand and Costs

Here are examples of two schools that have reduced energy demand and cut costs by retrofitting their buildings with LED lighting. As reported by Energy Manager Today, the Advance School District and Neumann University are both benefiting from LED retrofits.

In 2013 The Advance School District in Advance, Mo., retrofitted their lighting and integrated LEDs. The school district is saving 20 percent on their electricity bill or nearly $13,000 a year. In addition to employing LEDs, lighting sensors were integrated to avoid unecessarily turn the lights on or off. The lighting was also adjusted to optimize brightness for students in the classroom. Additional lighting retrofits were implemented in the library, hallways, the gymnasium and the exterior. Together these updates are expected to pay for themselves in eight years.

Another school that has retrofitted LEDs is Neumann University in Aston, Pennsylvania. The school completed a campus-wide exterior LED lighting retrofit project which is projected to reduce the University’s annual energy costs by 63 percent, cutting its energy bill by more than $22,000 annually. In addition, because of an LED fixture’s longer-rated life, the University will be saving another estimated $22,000 annually in maintenance costs. The energy and maintenance savings will see a return on investment of six years or less.

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